The shingles in a normal residential roof are made with asphalt granules adhered to a shingle substrate. This creates a layer of granular material that protects against sunlight, UV rays, and other weather elements. Granule loss is always expected whether you recently installed a new roof or during routine maintenance, but depending on certain factors, you might need to get a full replacement instead. 

roof repairing granule loss

To determine whether your roof’s granule loss means it needs a full replacement, our roof repairing experts explain what you need to consider:

Your Roof’s Wear and Tear

Your roof will go through constant temperature changes during each season over the years. It’s important to look closely at the rate of wear and tear your roofing system is experiencing in the local environment. The weather can also affect the rate of how much your shingles lose their granules over time. For instance, your roof will experience normal granule loss when exposed to sunlight and moderate rain showers over time. But if you constantly get heavy rainfall, your shingles will lose their granules and flexibility much faster.

Blisters in Your Shingles

If you notice any pimple-like protrusions from your shingles, they’re often just a cosmetic factory defect during the manufacturing process. But the blisters can also turn into the wear points of your shingles when the blisters get blown away and leave small exposed areas on their surface. 

If you’re already seeing this on your roof, be sure to have it checked by a professional in roofing and exterior services. You might only need to repair the affected areas, but if a lot of your shingles are already blistered and exposed due to severe granule loss, you’re better off with a full replacement.

The Age of Your Roof

Another cause behind granule loss is your roof’s age. You’ll experience more granule loss when it’s near the end of its lifespan because the adhesive has already lost its effectiveness. And if you’re already seeing several “bald spots” on your roof, then you need to get a full replacement as soon as possible!

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