Ventilation is an often overlooked facet in roofing. Proper ventilation helps maintain the structural integrity and energy performance of your roof, ensures a comfortable living environment for your family, and contributes to reasonable energy costs. In this article, roof repairing company MHI Roofing discusses the importance of roof vents to your home.

roof vents

What Are Roof Vents?

Roof ventilation is a system of intake and exhaust vents that deliver healthy airflow in order to keep the atmosphere inside a home pleasant. Intake vents take air into the attic to moderate temperatures and evaporate moisture, while exhaust vents send air out of the attic to the outside. Without the appropriate channels involved in roof ventilation, hot, stale air will get trapped inside your attic, causing a host of structural problems and health risks.

Why Do You Need Roof Vents?

Here are the three biggest advantages of roof vents according to new roof contractors:

  • Reduced Moisture: Hot and humid conditions result in moisture accumulation on your ceiling and roof. Daily household activities such as showering and cooking also contribute to increased levels of moisture. With vents, you can alleviate and ward off this dilemma by promoting air circulation.
  • Protected Roof: In areas with warmer weather, there is a heightened focus on cooling homes. A well-built ventilation system on the roof is beneficial because it prevents hot air from building up in the attic space and causes damage to roofing materials such as the decking and shingles. If several components are compromised, the roofing system will not be able to withstand severe weather conditions in the future.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Roof vents are excellent tools for controlling the temperature inside a home. When the roof and attic become incredibly hot, the rest of the living space also heats up. Homeowners with poor ventilation will crank up the air conditioner to cool down, causing their monthly energy bills to soar.

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