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At Meredith Home Improvements, we make customer satisfaction our #1 Priority, and it has been our pleasure to serve the Pittsburgh area’s Commercial and Residential Remodeling needs. Below are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from thousands of satisfied customers.

For more information regarding our credentials, please take the time to browse our gallery of work or contact us today. We look forward to doing business with you!

They were always on time and efficient in their work. They were very tidy and clean throughout the job and were very patient when I had to let my dogs out. The entire experience was very easy and I didn’t feel unconvinced at all. After they left I found that one of the downspouts was dripping, but they came back and fixed it without a problem.
Angela Andrews
Responded quickly to our initial contact for a quote. Ty came to the house within days and spent time answering all our questions and making suggestions of what might work for us. He was very nice and knowledgeable. He suggested a larger gutter over our back door area and we rerouted the downspout to the back of our house. Had samples with him to show us the siding choices and shingles and suggested ones he thought would look best. We received his quote the next day. He also followed up with a phone call to make sure we had received his quote. Of the 4 companies we call, Meredith was 1 of the 2 that responded, they had the best price and responded the quickest. The other company took a week to get the quote to us after telling us a day. We had work done with Meredith before and were satisfied.

The day the materials were delivered we had a problem with the delivery truck getting up our driveway. Ty came immediately helped move the materials into his pickup truck and drove them up the driveway and unloaded them. Dumpster was delivered and work started a day or two after. They gave us a day notice of the work starting. The roofing crew was very good. Arrived at 7 am worked till about 4, it took 2 days to complete the roof. First day they replaced the back part of the roof and installed the solar roof fan. They are not licensed electricians, so let us know upfront they could not wire the fan if we wanted that option. Second day completed the front of the roof, along with the porch. They found rotted wood on our porch roof, but got approval for the additional cost before purchasing the wood. Flashed the chimneys but let us know they need repaired and repointed so as not to have continuing water problems. (They don’t do brick repair work.) Cleanup was good, found only a couple nails. Very efficient team. And as a added bonus, the father of the roofer gave me some plants from his garden, hosta and sedum!

There was about a week in between the roof job and the siding & gutters. Mainly due to weather, but Ty kept us posted on the schedule. He always responded quickly to any phone calls or emails. The crew doing the siding and insulation arrived around 9, worked until 3 and it took two days. Did a great job on the siding and gutters. Covered the back dormer completely, the sides of the front dormer and the back exterior wall. Placed a wood grid on the back exterior wall with contact cement and anchors, insulation then the siding. Gutters were them put on, made on site. The whole job looks great. Finished very nice; corners, edges, etc. Cleanup was good. Talked to us before they left to let us know how they did the job and answered any of our questions.

Ty was quick to respond to my estimate request. After evaluating several contractors and the estimate I decided to go with Meredith. After accepting the offer Ty was quick to get back to me and answer any additional questions I had. The came out when promised and completed the job quickly. The workers were very friendly and efficient. Ty called during the work to follow up. The cleaned up well and were finished faster than I originally estimated. A great job was done and the roof looks great, thanks.
Dara Kittle
They were very good. They did everything that I wanted to do on my list. They said no problem and they would do anything that I wanted. He gave me his price and there was no negotiation. They came and worked really hard every day. There were a couple little things that I did not like and they said that they would fix them. The crew did things that they did not have to do and I was not charged for those things. I would give them the highest grade. I also had them give me bids on other things I want done. When I first called them and told them what I had, he called me the same day to come over. He came and measured things things and gave me a bid the very next day. I had another bid that was lower, but not nearly as much work. That meant a lot to me. If they were not going to make it, they would call me and tell me.
Bob Weiss
The service went perfect and we were very pleased with them.
Richard Kline
They were very punctual and professional. They arrived on time and got right to work. The men were friendly and courteous. They were also extremely hard-working. They were able to complete both roofs in two days. We were very pleased with their work. Both of the roofs look beautiful and we’ve already had compliments on them from our neighbors. One of the reasons that we selected this company is that they carry both Workman’s Comp. insurance as well as liability insurance. Some companies only carry the less expensive general contractor’s insurance which doesn’t really protect the homeowner should one of their workers get injured. Because Meredith Home Improvements has Worker’s Comp. insurance for its employees, we felt much more comfortable having them working on our property. We would definitely recommend this company and would hire them again for future work.
Denise Shirey
Replaced entire roof and some damaged siding. They were timely, price was good and they did a quality job.After 6 months had a small issue with the gutters and they responded the day after I called. At this point I’m totally satisfied with this contractor.

Overall process from the sales call to completion was totally satisfactory.

Ray Rezac
This was a very small job but the work was well beyond expectations. Many of the companies I contacted would not replace only a few pieces of siding, they insisted on doing the entire wall. Meredith’s owner told me upfront the new siding would have a slight color difference, but when it was completed I could barely tell unless I was right up next to the house.When a half dozen of companies ran away from such a small job, Meredith happily did this taking time to be sure they matched everything up as well as could be. I would absolutely use Meredith again due to the quality of work and reasonable price.
Helen Versino
Our overall experience was great. Ty was easy to work with before, during, and after the work. Great communication through email and phone, which is always a big plus in my book for a contractor.

The work done was excellent. The new siding makes our house look like a new house. They also did a great job with our chimney siding (Ty’s idea). They had to work a bit for the front of the house, which was a real stone front (not traditional laid like brick houses, but just a front stone “panel”). But, they got it off there and did a great job blending the front into the sides (there was a noticeable overhang on the front of the house). Ridge vent installation went well too.

Customer service wise they went above and beyond. We had a little issue that was promptly cleared up by Ty. The workers themselves seemed courteous based on my wife’s assessment. Apparently they actually knocked on the door and asked if they could start doing some louder stuff, showing some appreciation for the sleeping baby right inside of where they were working.

Overall, I would definitely use them again and would definitely recommend them to anyone. Great job, great price, thanks very much.

Severn Wright
Ty, the owner, bid the job for us. He was a very nice, pleasant and professional guy. We had him bid new siding, gutters, soffit and facia, new windows, painting and minor repair of front porch, and a new roof. Ty came to our house several times, at our convenience, to review the bid, answer questions, review options, etc. He was very responsive during the bid process and was certainly proactive in following up/checking in with us, but was not overly aggressive about us signing the contract. We had two other compaies give us bids and price-wise, Meredith was in the middle, but we liked the customer service we were getting right up front, so we went with them. I thought Ty was very honest in the bid process. For example, I asked him to include replacing the roof on a newer addition to the house and he advised against it, saying it was unnecessary to replace the roof and that it would be a waste of money. Also, when quoting the window job, he quoted the middle-of-the-road window line. I did some research on-line and asked him about the price difference for the top-of-the-line window line. He explained why he uses the middle-of-the-road product and why he thought it was sufficient for our needs, but was happy to quote both lines and let me decide what I was happy with. Once we signed, Ty kept to the schedule he had given us in terms of starting the project.

Ralph was our foreman, and he was very prompt, professional, and pleasant during the job. He would ask me where I was hiding the home-baked brownies each morning – I finally got to making them by the end of the project! Just a pleasant guy to be around which makes these things easier on the homeowner. They showed up on time each day. The crew would leave early (in my opinion (3:00 or so)) but I never really saw them take a true “lunch break”, so 8:00 – 3:00 would be a full day of work actually. Ralph always took the time to answer my questions during the project. He was also happy to correct/address issues I raised during the project. For example, I did not like the color chaulking they put around the first window. I told Ralph and he asked Ty to bring him a different color when he was at the job site next time. It took a few days for the new stuff to get there, but when I told Ralph Friday morning that I really wanted all the windows chaulked so I could move my furniture back over the weekend it was done by the end of the day. Also, I felt that I was getting a draft off of one of the windows they put in and I told Ty and he had Ralph check it out the next day. He spent a good bit of time testing the seals, blowing air into it from outside, etc., but couldn’t find that it was drafting. I haven’t had problems with it since. I must have imagined it! I feel confident that if it becomes a problem as he cold weather gets here it will be addressed…

After the job, when I had an issue with some of the flashing allowing water to come into the addition, Ty had Ralph at my house the next morning to fix it. While there Ralph also addressed a pipe that another contractor had left open that was allowing water into our mechanics room “gratis”.

Overall, I was very pleased. Having this much work done on your house is never pleasant, but at least this wasn’t painful! This was one of the best experiences I have had working with contractors and I would recommend, and have recommended, Meredith to other homeowners.

Theresa Nixon
In early July, 2012, Ty, the owner, called me back very promptly and came out to take a look at what needed to be done, as well as providing me with an estimate for the work on the same day. It turns out a special type of siding had to be ordered to complete the job and there were a few minor delays, but once the order came in, the Meredith crew was quick to get the work done. I appreciated Ty’s honesty and expertise in informing me about the siding we should use to make sure it would last a long time (which included a lifetime warranty for the siding). I did not, I confess, know much about home repairs such as siding, etc. because my late father was usually involved in these types of dealings. I did not feel taken advantage of one bit, and the cost to complete the job was very reasonable. The two man crew came on the day they promised and worked steadily for about 3 1/2 hours to complete the job.They were professional and friendly and were careful in cleaning up when they were done. I am satisfied with the work and would definitely use Meredith Home Improvements again if more home repairs are needed.
Barbara Hudson

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