The early days of vinyl in the world of siding and roof repairing were marred by poor materials and poorer understanding. However, modern vinyl siding has come a long way since then. Now, it can easily hold a candle to even the best siding materials of today.

Vinyl provides homeowners with a great middle option between unsightly but cheap aluminum and beautiful but expensive wood. The material itself is tough and long-lasting and through its manufacturing process, can be made to imitate the natural grain and beauty of wooden shakes.

Here are the top benefits of using vinyl as a siding material from our pros at Meredith Home Improvements.

Low-Cost Alternative

New roof contractors and siding installers have touted the affordability of vinyl to homeowners for decades and for good reason. This composite material is readily available at about 50% the cost of traditional wood siding panels. In addition, its intrinsic strength requires far less frequent maintenance and repairs, which can save you even more in the long-term.

Energy-Efficient Choice

The material itself is a naturally good insulator, which cuts down heat loss in a building’s thermal envelope through thermal bridging. Thermal bridging occurs when the heat is transferred from your interiors to the outdoors through the studs that connect the siding and your wall. Insulated vinyl siding options cut this waste significantly by covering the wall studs with a layer of insulation, effectively improving your home’s heating ability.

Stronger Contender

Vinyl can hold its own against other siding types offered by exterior services. Modern products are made to be resistant to hail, snow, rain and wind. It’s also impervious to the damage caused by insects as well as the growth and spread of mold and mildew. The only maintenance requirement it has is in its need for regular repainting. On its own, vinyl siding can last up to 50 years with proper care.

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