If your roof is getting older and accumulating some damage, you may be wondering whether it is more cost-effective to repair the roof, or simply tear it down and start fresh! If you’re unsure whether you should replace or repair your home’s roof, take a look at these guidelines to help you make the decision! 

Age of the Roof

A great place to start is assessing the last time you had any repairs done. First of all, if you can’t remember the last time your roof was worked on in any capacity, you’re in need of an inspection of some sort to determine the integrity of the roof! Don’t wait until problems pop up; delaying a slow-burning problem can lead to more costs and damage down the road. If you’ve recently replaced your roof, but you’ve been experiencing some problems with shingles and the like, it may be time for a quick and easy repair. Unfortunately, it’s tough to tell when you don’t know about the details behind shingle health, so call a professional to assess the integrity of the roofing system. 

Damage from the Elements

The next easiest way to know whether it’s time to repair or replace a roof is to follow up after a storm. When wind or severe weather hits your roof, you might notice some damage. For starters, shingles should not be bent, loose, or otherwise in danger of breaking or falling off of the roof. Likewise, rain should not be getting into your home if a minor issue occurred during the storm. If a shingle or two needs replacing, no big deal. However, if rain made its way into your home, entire parts of the roof have likely experienced water damage, and that’s a sign a more major project is in need. The problem with shingle damage is sometimes it’s tough to know what’s minor and major, particularly until water damage reveals itself. Think of the roof as your number one line of defense to the rest of your home. If anything from outside is getting in, be it bugs or water, it’s time to call a professional, no matter if it is for a repair or replacement. 

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