When speaking to contractors about your replacing your roof, everyone is going to tell you that their company is the best, with the most experienced crew. However, when it comes time for the crew to complete the work, it will quickly becomes obvious if your contractor isn’t nearly as knowledgeable as they claimed to be.  Take a look below to learn about the mistakes that inexperienced roofers make!

Forgetting The Starter Shingles

When installing a new asphalt shingle roof, one mistake that inexperienced roofers will make is forgetting the starter shingles.  Starter shingles are special shingles that come fitted with an adhesive to be installed along the eaves of your roof.  The adhesive protects your shingles from being lifted away by storm damage, so if your contractor forgets to install them, you roof could suffer the consequences.

No Leak Barrier

Another mistake that inexperienced roofers often make is forgetting to install a leak barrier under the shingles. The leak barrier prevents water from making its way into the frame of your home where it can destroy your home’s frame.

Lack of Drip Edge

Forgetting to install a drip edge can end up causing a great deal of water damage to your home. A drip edge’s function is giving water a surface to drip off of instead of simply running down your home’s fascia boards and soffit, where it could end up causing water damage. It is an easily overlooked part of the roof installation process that inexperienced roofers will often miss.

Improper Flashing

If there are any openings in your roof, whether its a vent or a chimney, your contractor will need to flash around the openings to ensure that water doesn’t seep in around them, as it will cause damage to your attic and potentially your home’s frame.

Poor Shingle Installation

Finally, the telltale sign of an inexperienced roofer is one who cannot install the shingles properly. There is a lot that can go wrong during a shingle installation, from nailing the shingles improperly, to not aligning them with each other, to not overlapping them correctly or spacing them too far apart, or even breaking them during the installation process. Installing the shingles incorrectly could cause more damage to your home than any of the other mistakes we’ve covered, so ensure that your contractor knows how to install them correctly.

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