A home with a snow-covered roof may look holiday postcard-perfect, but leaving it that way can lead to a number of issues later on. So when homeowners ask if it’s actually a good idea to clear the snow off their roof, the short answer is, “YES.” In fact, it’s not a choice but a necessity. Meredith Home Improvements, one of the leading new roof contractors in the area, discusses more about it here. 

Remove the Snow From Your Roof

Why You Should Remove Snow from Your Roof

The primary reason is ice damming, which refers to the ridge of ice near the roof’s edge that hampers the way your gutters drain snowmelt. When your roof is prone to this issue, you should remove the snow accumulating in the roof’s overhang at least. Make sure to do this when the backlog is around six inches or more. Do you have a flat roof? Then you’ll want to remove the snow from it, as well. That’s because flat roofing systems are more vulnerable to collapse due to the accumulated weight of snow and ice. 

But snow accumulation alone isn’t the sole reason for ice dams. You should also have your attic ventilation and insulation checked thoroughly. When one or the other (or both) is insufficient, heat can build up inside the space and melt the snow on top of your roof. The snowmelt then refreezes by the eaves and forms ice dams. When you have issues with your attic insulation or ventilation, turn to a premier roof repairing company like Meredith Home Improvements immediately for the necessary fix.

How to Remove Snow from Your Roof Safely

You only need a roof rake with a pole extension for the task. Make sure to choose a rake with small bumpers or rollers near the blade so they don’t scrape the granules of your roofing shingles. Once you’re ready, use the rake to clear the snow off your roof. Most pole extensions allow you to reach the roof’s edge so you can stay on the ground as you go about the task. But you’ll want to make sure the ground you’re standing on isn’t slippery, and you have the upper body strength to use the rake and pull the snow off the system. When in doubt, turn to a professional to do the work for you.

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