Roofing Project

It’s finally fall! The temperature has dropped, the leaves are falling, and before you know it the cruel winter weather will be here. Winter often brings with it extreme weather such as snow, sleet and ice. So now’s a great time to complete your fall roofing project and be best prepared for possible winter storms coming your way.

Why is Fall a Good Time to Complete Your Roofing Project?

Fall is a good time to complete your roofing project in order to ensure that your home or business is ready for the harsh weather that winter often brings. Also, the weather is a comfortable temperature which makes it ideal for roofing projects. If your home or business is in need of a new roof, or just a few repairs, now is the perfect time. There will be no need to stress about the possibility of a leaky or damaged roof due to harsh winds, snow fall, or extreme temperatures. You will be safe and secure knowing that your roof is protecting your home or business throughout the coming season.

Roofing Repair

Energy Savings

Additional benefits to completing your roofing project before winter include the possibility of lower energy costs. If you have a damaged roof it may not be insulating your home or business properly. There may also be the presence of unwanted drafts. Having a drafty or poorly insulated roof can cost you more in heating costs this fall and winter. Your roof is there to properly insulate your home or business while protecting it from the cold, rain, or snow that is inevitable during the winter months. Your roof also helps keep heat from escaping when it has been properly maintained and insulated. Meredith has energy efficient leak-proof roofing solutions that would work perfectly for your home or business.

Keep Pest Away

Repairing or replacing your roof can also assist in keeping pests away. When the winter weather hits, animals and birds often look for warm nesting areas. You do not want your roof to be home to the animals! Keeping your roof in good condition prevents these situations from occurring.

Types of Repairs

At Meredith, our fully trained staff is here to help you with all of your roofing needs. We can replace and repair gutters, slats, shingles, cedar shakes, slate, and other roofing materials. We will work with you to find the best solutions for your needs.

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