The flashing is an important part of your roofing system because it protects some of the most leak-prone areas. Problems with the flashing often lead to roof leaks and water damage. Today, MHI Roofing, one of the top roofing contractors in our local area, explains how we can inspect and maintain your roof flashing.

How We Can Keep Your Roof Flashing In Good Condition

What Is Flashing?

Flashing is a protective metal tie-in material that’s installed around the most vulnerable parts of your roof to prevent water damage. It’s used to protect the areas where two different sections of a construction project come together. For instance, the area surrounding any roof penetrations contains a small gap. Flashing is used to cover that gap and prevent water damage. Flashing is also used to reinforce and protect the other leak-prone areas of your roof such as the roof valleys.

Why Is Flashing Maintenance Important?

Issues with flashing installation can cause roof leaks. Cracked or missing flashing allows moisture to seep through your roof and damage the underlayment and roof decking. You can sometimes spot damaged flashing from a simple visual inspection from the ground, but for best results your roof needs to be regularly inspected up close by a professional. As an expert in roof maintenance and gutter installation, we can help you with your flashing repair and maintenance needs.

How Can We Help?

We provide a number of services to keep your roof flashing in good condition. We use screws made of the same type of metal as the flashing to lock loose flashing into place. We can cover and fill holes in damaged flashing by cutting a piece of new flashing, covering the damage and sealing it with roof cement. If the flashing is old and worn down, then we can simply remove it and install new flashing.

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