Dealing with the aftermath of a major weather event is already difficult enough without storm damage myths adding more to the confusion. To prevent further headaches down the line, take some of the things you hear with a grain of salt. MHI Roofing, the trusted new roof contractors in the area, debunks some of the big storm damage misconceptions floating around today.

roof with missing shingles
  1. “If you can’t see the damage, it’s not there.” Storm damage to your roofing system is often obvious. But there are cases when it’s as inconspicuous as a polar bear in snow. Windstorms, for example, can loosen your shingles just enough to create openings where water can leak in. Hailstorms, meanwhile, can leave small dents, holes, or cracks that grow larger over time, leaving your system vulnerable to leaks. 

    But looking at your roof from the ground, it would appear that everything is still normal. To accurately determine whether your roof has sustained storm damage, turn to a reliable roof company for a comprehensive inspection. In this area, that will be MHI Roofing. We’re not just your roof repairing company–we can also handle your storm damage needs.
  1. “Your roof is still new, so the shingle manufacturer will cover storm damage repair.” Not really–most roofing manufacturers only offer coverage against material defects, wind speeds, or algae growth. Storm damage–including hail damage–is typically managed by homeowners’ insurance.
  1. “You don’t actually need to file an insurance claim.” Whether the storm damage is serious or not, it should still warrant filing a claim. Again, the only way to know for sure is to have a trusted local roofing expert like MHI Roofing perform a thorough storm damage assessment. And don’t worry–your insurance provider won’t cancel your policy if you file a claim (they’re not allowed to, in fact).

Aside from exterior services, MHI Roofing is your leading choice for top-tier storm damage repair and restoration. With our superior solutions, we’ll make sure your roof continues to deliver the unmatched weather performance you expect. Call us today at (412) 831-9991 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We proudly serve McDonald, PA and some areas in West Virginia and Ohio.