Also called sheathing, the decking is the roofing material that makes up the framing of the roof. It is installed between the structural components and weatherproofing barriers, provides a flat plane to which shingles can be fastened, and secures the location of the rafters.

In this article, roof and gutter installation contractor MHI Roofing discusses the signs of damage to the roof decking and why the component cannot be repaired.

roof decking repair

Signs You Have a Damaged Roof Decking

A rotted roof decking can host a lot of structural problems and health risks. In order to prevent these, it is crucial to detect and address damage early on. Here are signs of a damaged decking:

  • Persistent roof leaks.
  • Dark-colored stains on the ceiling and walls.
  • Peeling wallpaper.
  • Water stains or discoloration on the rafters.
  • Presence of mold and mildew in the attic.
  • A sagging or bowing ceiling.
  • Visible holes in the roof.
  • Curling, buckling, or missing shingles.
  • Deterioration around skylights, vent pipes, chimneys, and other fixtures on the roof.

Should a Damaged Roof Decking Be Repaired?

According to roofing contractors, when it comes to severe water-related damage such as rot and mold, a simple repair is not an option. Since the roof decking is often made from plywood or a plywood composite—porous materials that readily absorb water—it must be fully replaced when damaged. The longer you put off replacing the decking, the more problems it can create, resulting in time-consuming and costly repairs down the road.

Keep in mind that if the decking has sustained damage, it only means that most parts of the system have already been compromised. Opting for a full-on roof replacement may be an expensive venture, but it is certainly more cost-effective in the long run than replacing stained drywall, waterlogged framing, and damaged electrical systems.

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