Whether it’s minor roof repair or a complete roof replacement, you’ll want your roofing project to be a success — without do-overs or mistakes. In today’s post, the local roofing experts at Meredith Home Improvements share tips on how to ensure the success of your upcoming roofing project. 

4 Tips for Ensuring the Success of Your Roofing Projects

1. Know the project’s scope — The project’s scope outlines everything that needs to be accomplished by your roofing project. Knowing and understanding your project’s scope will help you make informed decisions throughout your project, from its planning stages through completion and keep it on track.

2. Review building codes — All types of building and renovation work, including roof repair and replacement, should comply with applicable building codes. Buildings that are found to be non-compliant may face fines and are subject to being torn down and corrected, which could result in doubled project costs. One of the reasons why you should only work with a licensed and bonded roofing contractor is because you have the assurance that your finished roof will be code-compliant. This responsibility extends to making sure that old and outdated roofs are up to code.

3. Keep up with today’s technologies — Virtual meetings have become the go-to means of consultation for most contractors because it’s safer and saves time. Some homeowners are skeptical of today’s technologies, particularly those used for roofing inspections. Many contractors now use cameras mounted on remote-controlled drones to take a closer look at the roof’s condition, while augmented reality technology makes it possible for roofers to virtually try on different roofs in real-time, at any angle.

4. Always inspect the roof after completion — A good roofer should perform a thorough quality inspection after their work is finished. Make a point to perform your own inspection. It always helps to have a second set of eyes. You’ll also be signing off on it, so it only makes sense to make sure that everything in your project’s scope is done correctly.

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