In a residential home, downspouts are responsible for directing water from the gutters to the ground without dripping or splashing down the exterior structure. These lightweight tubes are an important part of the gutter system that helps prevent soil erosion damage to a home’s foundation. Our residential roofers at MHI Roofing share four quick facts about your downspouts.

facts about downspouts
  1. On a house with a 1000-square-foot roof, one inch of rain can send over 600 gallons of water down the gutters and downspouts. If the roof empties into four downspouts that are not properly extended, then each tube will spout at least 150 gallons of water right next to the foundation.
  2. During a heavy storm, the speed of water rushing out of a downspout equals a tub filling at full blast. If, according to research, 67 percent of residential downspouts are either partially or completely filled with leaves and other debris, then not all runoff will get through the downspout. This will cause the water to back up and spill over the sides of the gutters instead, potentially leading to a stained siding and flooded basement.
  3. According to residential and commercial roofing experts, most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage unless the water enters the home through a window or roof broken in a storm event.
  4. Many homeowners think that only one or two downspouts are necessary for a house. However, in actuality, a downspout is needed every 20 to 25 feet of roofline, and potentially more depending on the size of the roof and amount of rainfall in the area.

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