There are many materials from which gutters can be constructed out of, from high-end copper to traditional vinyl. However, residential and commercial roofing contractors alike believe that aluminum gutters are better suited for many properties across the country. Used for more than 30 years now, aluminum gutters deliver solid performance within a reasonable budget range. You can look forward to a lot of benefits when you use aluminum gutters. Here are some of them:

1. Aluminum gutters are rust-proof. The main key advantage of using aluminum for gutters is that it will never rust. Aluminum gutters with a baked-on finish will withstand water or weather exposure better than steel gutters. Seamless aluminum gutters, in particular, are made on-site and offer a considerable amount of strength despite being lightweight. They are also expected to last for more than 20 years in just about any climate.

2. Aluminum gutters can be decorated: You can get creative with aluminum gutter installation. The material can be painted with a wide variety of colors and finishes and easily shaped according to the specifications of your roofline. You can also put decorative cast brackets similar to more expensive copper gutter systems.

3. Aluminum gutters offer thickness. Most experts recommend premium aluminum gutters of at least .032 inches in thickness. Thinner gutters do not last as long and are not as reliable as gutters with superior thickness

4. Aluminum gutters come in different sizes. While five-inch gutters are the most common, a six-inch gutter can accommodate more water before overflowing becomes an issue. However, the latter type particularly needs to have the gutter board adequately sized.

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