You probably already know just how important attic ventilation is in keeping your roofing system in good shape. But proper ventilation is not the only essential your attic should have. To further improve the performance of your roofing system, you’ll need to take attic insulation into account, as well. Meredith Home Improvements, one of the trusted roofing experts in the area, shares some of the ways attic insulation allows for better roof performance. 

Insulation Improve
  1. Prevent Ice Dams. Insufficient insulation typically allows the warm air generated by your heating system to rise up and enter your attic space. This results in heat buildup, which melts the snow accumulating on the roof surface. The snowmelt then flows down the roof and refreezes by the eaves and gutters which, over time, results in ice damming. This won’t be a problem when your attic has proper insulation. It will block the heat from your rooms and keep the attic “cool”, eliminating the risk of ice dams.
  1. Avoid Roof Leaks. As mentioned above, an attic with poor insulation allows snow on the roof to melt and freeze over and over. This can lead to cracks and openings on your roofing shingles, making them more susceptible to water infiltration. You won’t have to worry about this as much when your attic is well insulated. Because there’s less chance of ice damage, your roofing shingles will remain intact. Still, it pays to have a trusted roof repair company like Meredith Home Improvements check your attic insulation periodically to ensure it’s in good shape.
  1. Extends Your Roof’s Service Life. Attic heat buildup resulting from poor insulation is not only harmful during snow weather. It is just as damaging in hotter months. But with proper insulation, there’s less possibility of heat rising up and baking the shingles overhead. You can avoid premature aging and the costs of another replacement–allowing you to get the most of your roof’s life.

Aside from storm repair damage, Meredith Home Improvements can also handle your attic insulation needs. We offer only top-tier fiberglass attic insulation from Owens Corning®, which not only improves roof performance, but increases your home’s energy efficiency, as well. We proudly serve McDonald, PA, plus some areas in West Virginia and Ohio. Call us today at (412) 831-9991 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.