Often overlooked but incredibly important, your gutters keep your home safe and damage-free by directing rainwater away from its exterior and foundation. But they’ll become old and failing eventually, and no amount of repair or maintenance will be able to save them. You’ll know because the warning signs will be more apparent. MHI Roofing, the trusted residential and commercial roofing company in the area, discusses the telltale signs here. 

Gutters Need Replacement
  1. Cracks in the gutter system. Any cracks you’ve noticed in your gutter system should be dealt with quickly because they’ll hamper its draining performance. Smaller cracks can be repaired sure enough, but larger ones usually cause replacement. When cracked gutters are overlooked, rainwater will just splash against your home’s exterior instead of being channeled away. This will lead to moisture damage eventually.
  1. Visible water damage or marks. On a clear, sunny day, try checking the area directly beneath your gutters. Are there water stains or streaks across your siding, or worse, the signs of mold and rot in the exterior wood trim? Don’t let old and failing gutters compromise the structural integrity and appearance of your home. Have them replaced immediately by one of the area’s premier residential roofers and gutter installers, MHI Roofing.
  1. Sagging. Gutters that are in good shape don’t sag or pull away from the home. But if yours do, you should seriously consider getting new ones. Sagging is an indication that your gutters are no longer draining properly. Replace them before they collapse and become a safety risk for you and your family.

Aside from roofing replacement, MHI Roofing can also handle your new gutter installation needs. We offer high-quality replacement K-style gutter systems from a top brand, Englert®. Available in tough aluminum and galvanized steel, plus 16 color options, our excellent gutters ensure superior, lasting performance and provide a lovely, sleek design. We proudly serve McDonald, PA, plus some areas in West Virginia and Ohio. Call us today at (412) 831-9991 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We’d love to hear from you!