Soffit and fascia are crucial components of your roof and, on a deeper level, the structure of your home. They help in keeping water, debris and small animals out of your interior space and giving a finished look to the architectural appeal of your exterior property. Like any other roofing parts, soffit and fascia will deteriorate over time if not properly maintained and, when this happens, it is easier and more cost-effective to replace them than to do small repairs here and there. 

Here are signs that it is time to call a roof and gutter installation contractor to replace your soffit and fascia soon:

  1. Flaking Paint: Not only is cracking or flaking paint disfavors the aesthetic value of your exterior, it also leads to pesky water-related problems such as leaking. In addition, it may be a sign that you used faulty materials with not enough paint adherence. It is best to immediately hire a trusted local contractor to fix the issue as soon as possible.
  2. Evidence of Pests: Evidence of pests is one of the biggest signs of defective soffit and fascia. From bugs to small rodents, anything can cause serious damage to your roof. In fact, if you ask roofing contractors, they will say that the soffit and fascia are designed to keep these elements out. So if these components are letting pests inside your household, then it is definitely worth the time and money to replace them.
  3. Water Damage: Water and moisture are known to produce structural issues to homes. Both can cause the rotting of wood panels and growth of mildew, leading to costly repairs down the road. Make sure that you regularly check if your roofing components, especially the soffit and fascia, are letting water leak in your roof void.

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