The soffit and fascia may be overlooked components, but they are integral to keeping your home dry and intact. That’s why you’ll want to make sure they’re not only in good shape but have proper ventilation, as well. The trusted attic insulation contractor in the area, Meredith Home Improvements, shares some of the reasons here.

1. Prevents Excessive Humidity. When your soffits and fascia have sufficient venting, there’s less of a chance of heat and moisture buildup in the attic. This means mold and rot are unlikely to develop and create structural problems to the roof structure. And because the space beneath your roof is dry and cool, keeping your home thermally comfortable and energy-efficient in summer becomes easier, as well.

2. Extends Your Roof’s Life. We’ve mentioned how heat and high moisture levels can be a huge issue when the soffit and fascia aren’t vented. But did you know they can also rise up and bake your roofing shingles, causing them to age much sooner than they should? If you want to avoid roof failure and premature replacement, keep your soffits and fascia vented. Meredith Home Improvements can help you with this. Aside from gutter installation, we can also manage your soffit and fascia needs with our top-tier solutions.

3. Stops Ice Dams. With proper ventilation, your soffits and fascia helps keep your attic cool during the winter. Because the temperature inside the space is much lower compared to the temperature outside, it lowers the possibility of ice dam formation along the roof eaves. This means no ice or snow damage to your roof, keeping it sturdy and leak-free.

The Expert in Quality Soffit Installation

Meredith Home Improvements is not only the area’s premier roofing contractors–we are also your go-to choice for exterior home upgrades. We can reinforce that vulnerable gap between your home’s eaves and exterior walls with our exceptional HardieSoffit® Panels from James Hardie®. Check out our VentedPlus Cedarmill® soffit panels, which come with uniquely designed vent holes to deliver more airflow effectively than other options in the market. 

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