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Meredith Home Improvements Granted James Hardie Elite Preferred Designation

Meredith Home Improvements, a premier home remodeler serving the Greater Pittsburgh and Allegheny County area, has been named a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor. This designation is granted to a small percentage of contractors nationwide, and Meredith Home Improvements is the only remodeling company in the Pittsburgh area to achieve this endorsement. The James Hardie [...]

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A Classic Home Color for All Seasons: Arctic White

James Hardie® ColorPlus® Technology color, Arctic White, may evoke images of snowflakes and icicles, but this classic color is a popular choice in all seasons. East Coast homeowners flock to the color for their home cladding hue for its clean, fresh look and versatility. With James Hardie’s expertly curated color palette, you won’t have to [...]

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Is Fall too Late to Start Your Roofing Project?

Roofing Project It’s finally fall! The temperature has dropped, the leaves are falling, and before you know it the cruel winter weather will be here. Winter often brings with it extreme weather such as snow, sleet and ice. So now’s a great time to complete your fall roofing project and be best prepared for possible [...]

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Tips for Preparing Your Roof for Cold Weather

Preparing your roof for Winter It’s that time of year again, the leaves have started to change and the temperature is dropping. In no time the cold weather of winter will be here. Now’s the time to prepare your home for the harsh temperatures ahead. Many people don’t think about roof maintenance when they think [...]

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Should You Build Over Your Existing Roof?

Building Over Your Existing Roof When it’s time for a new roof you have a couple options to pick from, you can either remove the old roof or replace it with a new one. You can also build over your existing roof. When trying to decide between the two there are a few options to [...]

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New siding for your home

Getting New Siding for Your Home Are you in the market for new siding? Pittsburgh-based Meredith Home has been providing siding replacement for homeowners for years. Whether you need to repair or replace your siding, now is the time to consider all of your options as far as materials and service providers. A relatively new [...]

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Alternative Sidings

Alternative Siding Choices Homeowners who are considering new siding don’t have to look far. With so many options available, you’ll want to do your research and see what’s right for you and your home. Here we’ll provide an overview of the most common choices and their pros and cons. Like anything, budget is important, but [...]

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To Repair or Replace your Siding?

To Repair, or Replace? At some point in time, all homeowners ask the question: does my home need siding repair or siding replacement? Maybe you have a section of siding that is broken. Damaged siding allows water, dirt, and pests inside, which can lead to bigger problems. While the easy fix seems to be a [...]

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How are the windows in your new home?

How are your Windows? When you’re in the market to purchase a home, it’s important to check the quality of the windows. Over time, windows do age, and not all windows are created equally. Seals may break and cause a cloudiness, and old windows rattle and will cause you to incur drafts and hefty bills. [...]

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Why should I replace my roof if it’s not leaking?

Why Do I Need To Replace my Roof? Your roof ages over time, and requires maintenance. Your goal should be to proactively inspect it twice a year so that it receives the attention it needs before you risk water damage. In fact, by detecting problem areas early on can save you major dollars in the [...]

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